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As a backup service, Polarbackup supports the following features:


  1. Incremental backup with versioning: Polarbackup employs incremental backup with versioning, whereby any modifications made to the original files locally will automatically trigger an upload to the Cloud, resulting in the creation of a new version of that modified file. As a result, frequently modified files will have multiple versions stored on the Cloud, offering the option to restore an older version if needed. (Learn more)
  2. The deleted files are kept on the Cloud: Polarbackup does not remove files from the Cloud, even if they have been deleted locally. Thus, if you delete a file(s) from your machine, you will still find it in your Polarbackup backup, contributing to the size discrepancy between the original data and its backup. (Learn more)

With those features, it is expected for the backup size on the Cloud to grow bigger with time.


The Retention option aims to help Polarbackup users purge unwanted versions and deleted files from the Cloud backup in order to reduce the backup size.


Retention for Business Accounts

Any Business Polarbackup subscriber can enable the Retention option as follows:


  1. Sign in to your Polarbackup online account.
  2. Refer to the Settings tab.
  3. From under the Retention section, set the desired settings.
  4. Click the Save button.


Polarbackup needs up to 24 hours from the moment you hit the Save button in order to apply the desired retention rules to your Cloud backup.


Retention for Home Accounts

Polarbackup Home subscribers cannot control how many old versions they want to keep in their Cloud backup. Polarbackup will keep the latest ten (10) versions of each file. Older versions will be automatically purged.


Also, the deleted files will be saved forever, unless they get manually deleted from the Cloud.


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