What are the Differences between Business and Home Editions?

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 Polarbackup BusinessPolarbackup Home
Kind of Storage AvailableHot and Cold StorageCold Storage and Vault Storage
Flexible UpgradeCustomizableDefined plans
Maximum Number of UsersUnlimited Up to 5 users
Number of computers for each userThree (3)One (1)
Files Retention CustomizableTen (10) versions of each file
Configure Backup Remotely (Backup Policies)AvailableNot Available
Backup ReportsAvailableNot Available
Windows Server BackupAvailableNot Available
Add Users via Bulk Upload (CSV)AvailableNot Available
File SharingAvailable for data under Hot StorageAvailable for data under Vault Storage
Smart SelectionsAvailableAvailable
Set Connection TypeAvailableAvailable
Set Full Scan IntervalAvailableAvailable
Schedule the BackupAvailableAvailable
Filter by File type, Date and SizeAvailableAvailable
Custom EncryptionAvailableAvailable
Bandwidth ThrottlingAvailableAvailable
Presentation ModeAvailableAvailable
Battery Saving ModeAvailableAvailable
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