My Storage is Full, How can I Free up Some Space?

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The used space that you can see on the Dashboard of your Polarbackup desktop software and online account is for all the machines and the users that you have under your account and not only for your machine/user, so to free up space, please refer to the following:

  1.  Delete unwanted files from the backup.
  2. Remove deleted items from the backup: If you have deleted files from your machine, they will not be deleted from your Polarbackup online account, unless you specify otherwise (Using the Retention option). You can delete these files from your Polarbackup online account.
    To view these deleted files, go to My Computers tab in your Polarbackup online account → From More menu, select Show Deleted.
  3. Delete the file’s versions that you don’t want.
  4. Delete the archived machine: If you have previously archived any of your machines and you don’t need its backup anymore, then go ahead and delete this machine from your account.
  5. Delete unwanted machines from the backup.
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