How to Set Multiple Schedules for my Backup?

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Polarbackup will run the backup depending on the backup frequency or backup schedule that you have set.

If you have decided to run Polarbackup at a certain schedule, then Polarbackup will use Windows Task Scheduler to achieve that. So, if you want to set Polarbackup to run at different schedules for some days of the month or times of the year, for example, you can achieve that by following the steps below:


  1. Open your Polarbackup desktop software → Settings → Schedule → Select the option On schedule and set any day and time to start the backup at → Save the changes. Or if you have assigned a policy to this user, go to this policy → Settings tab → Backup Schedule → Set any day and time to start the backup at → Save the policy.
  2. Now, from your Control Panel → Administrative Tools → Double click Task Scheduler.
  3. From the left panel of the Windows Task Scheduler, select Task Scheduler Library.
  4. Locate the task named Polarbackup Start Backup and right-click on it then → Export → Save it to your desktop.
  5. Right-click on an empty place in the scheduler library and select Import →  Select the previously exported task from where you saved it.
  6. Once the task settings dialog is shown, make sure to change the task name, then from the Triggers tab, select the trigger that appears there and click on the Edit button.
  7. From the window that will appear select Monthly, Yearly or Daily, etcand set your second schedule settings in terms of running time and periods.
  8. Save the changes.


  • Keep in mind that if you edit the Settings in Polarbackup or the Policy, the scheduling settings in the task scheduler will be reset to the same values in the Schedule settings in the policy or Polarbackup client.
  • The same steps apply for changing the bandwidth throttling schedule, the name of the task in the task scheduler is Polarbackup Start throttle.

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