How do I Perform a Clean Uninstall of Polarbackup?

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On Windows Machines

  1. Go to your Control Panel → Programs and Features.
  2. Locate Polarbackup → Uninstall.
  3. Now, Polarbackup Uninstall wizard will start, to perform a clean uninstall, make sure that the option Keep Polarbackup Settings (Recommended if you wish to reinstall) is not selected.
  4. Proceed with the uninstallation process.


On macOS Machines

  1. Click Go on the Finder bar → Applications → From the list of your installed applications, locate both of Polarbackup and Polarbackup Restore apps, and delete them from there. (Drag them to the Trash)
  2. Click Go on the Finder bar again → Go to folder.. → Type ~/.config/ and hit Enter →  Delete the whole Polarbackup folder from there. (Drag it to the Trash)
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