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Troubleshooting Server Authentication

Jun, 6 173
SYMPTOMS Cannot authenticate Polarbackup desktop software on a Windows Server platform. Because of this, Polarbackup software is not opening or running.   CAUSE The user account or the group to which it belongs to is not part of the Log on as a batch job local security policy for a worksp...

I am Receiving: “You do not have available licenses for server backup” Message. What should I do?

Jun, 6 115
This message will be shown by the Polarbackup desktop client in the following two cases: Case 1: You are a Home user Home users are not allowed to backup Windows servers. This feature is available only for Business subscribers. For more information about the differences between the Home and the...

Why do I Receive “You do not have permission to perform this action. Only Administrator can open this application” When Trying to Open Polarbackup on a Server?

Jun, 6 69
This message will appear if you are trying to open Polarbackup desktop software while you are logged into another Windows user account, not the same administrator Windows user account you were logged into it when you installed Polarbackup software on this machine in the first place. However, even...

Troubleshooting VSS Issues

Jun, 6 149
The Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) is a set of COM APIs that implements a framework to allow volume backups to be performed while applications on a system continue to write to the volumes. If this service is not running on your machine, Polarbackup will fail to back up your opened and locked fi...

I am receiving: “You have reached the maximum number of computers that can be added under this user” message. What should I do?

Jun, 6 703 9
Description Upon installing the Polarbackup desktop client on your machine and entering your Polarbackup account’s credentials, Polarbackup will check how many active backups you currently have under your Polarbackup username, in order to make sure that you do not exceed the allowed limit, which is...

What Happens When a Scheduled Backup is Missed?

Jun, 6 109 1
If the scheduled backup of Polarbackup is missed, Polarbackup will postpone the backup until the next scheduled time. However, you can set Polarbackup to run the backup as soon as possible after a scheduled time is missed by applying the following: Since Polarbackup uses the Windows Task Schedu...

I am Encountering Problems in Installing the Auto-Updates, What can I do now?

Jun, 6 130
Sign into your Polarbackup online account. From the Dashboard page, click on the Download Polarbackup button. In this way, you will be downloading the latest setup file of Polarbackup. Once the download completes, run the downloaded setup file and select the Repair/Update Polarbackup o...

How to Set Polarbackup to Wake the Computer up in Order to Run the Scheduled Backup

May, 5 178
When you schedule Polarbackup to run the backup at a certain time, your machine should be awake in order for the backup to take place. If your machine is in sleep mode at the time of the backup, Polarbackup will not be able to run it and will postpone the backup until the next scheduled time. Non...

How do I Perform a Clean Uninstall of Polarbackup?

Jul, 7 285 2
On Windows Machines Go to your Control Panel → Programs and Features. Locate Polarbackup → Uninstall. Now, Polarbackup Uninstall wizard will start, to perform a clean uninstall, make sure that the option Keep Polarbackup Settings (Recommended if you wish to reinstall) is not selected. ...

Why is the “Cold storage” tab Dimmed in Polarbackup Client?

May, 5 111
This is due to the fact that you did not purchase Cold Storage. To do that: Sign in to your Polarbackup account. Click on Upgrade. Determine the amount of Cold Storage that you wish to purchase. Click Checkout and your account will upgrade instantly.