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How to Uninstall Polarbackup

Oct, 10 929
On a Windows Machine Go to your Control Panel → Programs and Features → PolarBackup → Uninstall. Now, Polarbackup Uninstall wizard will start, to perform a clean uninstall, make sure that the option Keep Polarbackup Settings (Recommended if you wish to reinstall) is not selected. Procee...

How to Generate the Advanced Debugging Logs of Polarbackup on Windows Machine

Mar, 3 600
For troubleshooting purposes, the Technical Support may ask for trace/debugging logs of Polarbackup software. Please note that these logs do not contain any passwords or personal information.   To generate and collect the debugging logs, you may follow one of the two methods listed below....

Why I Cannot Drag/Drop my Files and Folders into my Vault Folder?

Nov, 11 669 6
The drag/drop functionality depends on which Internet browser you are using.   If you are using Internet Explorer, you will not be able to drag/drop the files or the folders directly into your Vault folder.   If you are using Firefox or Safari, you will not be able to drag/drop...