What Does the Hybrid+ Option of Polarbackup Do?

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By default, Polarbackup backs up your selected data to the Cloud.


For those who prefer to double their backup protection by creating a local copy of every backed up file to a local server, external or network drive of their choice, Polarbackup introduces the Hybrid+ option; ensuring faster recovery when needed. Polarbackup Restore is intelligent enough to minimize recovery time by checking your local Hybrid+ storage for the file before restoring it from the Cloud, reducing time and bandwidth resources.


For more information about how to enable the Hybrid+ option, please check this article.


Benefits of Using the Hybrid+ Option


  1. Maximize your protection by creating two copies of your backup; one on the Cloud, and another on a local repository.
  2. Zero Restore time: Save time and resources by restoring hybrid copies from the local repository instead of downloading them from the Cloud.
  3. Easy to use: No extra configuration, just enable the Hybrid+ option and set the storage size. (Learn more)
  4. Flexible: You can disable/enable the Hybrid+ option at any time, not just at the beginning of the backup.
  5. Limit Size: Limit the amount of space Hybrid+ takes of your drive. When Polarbackup reaches the size limit, it will automatically purge older files to make room for the more recent ones.
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