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Files will not get automatically deleted from your Cloud backup even if you have deleted the original copy of them from your machine. This is the main purpose of having a backup!


In the case you have deleted file(s) locally from your machine, you will find that those file(s) are still available under your Cloud backup, but they will be flagged as Deleted Files. Here is how to view and restore such Deleted Files.


Method 1: From Polarbackup Website

  1. Sign in to your Polarbackup online account.
  2. Refer to the My Computers tab.
  3. From the list of your Computers on the left-side panel, select the computer you want to view its backup.
  4. By default, all the backed up files will be shown, without including the Deleted Files. To show the Deleted Files, click the More button and select the Show Deleted Items. The Deleted Files will be shown as grayed out as in the screenshot below. If you do not want those files to be shown, click the More button again and select the Hide Deleted option.



Method 2: Using Polarbackup Software

  1. Open your Polarbackup desktop software and click on the Restore option.
  2. Using the Computer Name drop-down menu, select the computer that you want to restore from its backup.
  3. Now, enable the Show/Restore deleted files option at the bottom of the window. This will show you all the data you have in the Cloud, including the deleted files/folders. You can select them and proceed with the restore process.

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