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I Get the Error: “Oops, Something Unexpected Happened, Please Check your Internet Connection and Try Again”

May, 5 207 1
Check Your Windows Firewall Or Antivirus Software Polarbackup is backup software, meaning that it needs to check your files for changes and modifications and communicate with the server to check the current backup state. While this is normal behavior for backup software, some Antivirus software mig...

Error Message: “Failed to Connect to Server. Please Check your Connection and Firewall Settings”

May, 5 519 1
Check Polarbackup Settings Open your Polarbackup desktop software → Settings → Connection → If the Wireless connection (WiFi) option is selected, click on WiFi Safelist, and make sure the All WiFi networks option is selected → Click the Save icon → Click the Save icon.   Check Your Win...

I had to Reinstall Windows. When I Tried to re-install Polarbackup it Asks me to Archive my Computer

May, 5 228 6
Polarbackup stores the backup settings and the machine information in your (%appdata%\Polarbackup\Polarbackup) folder. When you move to a new machine, change the hard drive, reinstall Windows or even uninstall the Polarbackup desktop software without selecting the option to Keep Polarbackup Settings...

Polarbackup Dashboard Shows “Analyzing”, “Uploading” or “Waiting for Next Schedule” but Never Proceed, What can I do Now?

May, 5 192 1
To solve this issue, you need to do the following: Make sure that you have the latest build of Polarbackup by right click Polarbackup agent in the system tray → Select Tools → Click on Check for updates. Clear the backup cache: Find the location of Polarbackup cache folder...

Where does Polarbackup Store the Temporary Files During the Backup?

May, 5 241
On Windows machines, the Polarbackup desktop software stores these files in the BackupCache folder. The default location of this folder is:  %Appdata%\PolarBackup\PolarBackup\Jobs\{6E820F39-1F0F-4C22-A9F6-5E7CAE6F6FA7}\Data\BackupCache You can change its location by doing the following:  ...

My Storage is Full, How can I Free up Some Space?

May, 5 216
The used space that you can see on the Dashboard of your Polarbackup desktop software and online account is for all the machines and the users that you have under your account and not only for your machine/user, so to free up space, please refer to the following:  Delete unwanted files from the...

How to Generate Logs for Users who have Policies Assigned

May, 5 85
If you have a policy assigned to you and need to generate the logs for troubleshooting, then please: Create a new text file at the root of your (C:\) drive. If you cannot create it due to security reasons, then create it in another location (Desktop for example), and copy/paste it to driv...

I Purchased an Upgrade but my Account Information didn’t Change

Aug, 8 259
To solve this issue please follow the below steps  Sign out of your Polarbackup online account and then sign in again if you are already logged in.  On the machine where the Polarbackup desktop software is installed, right-click the Polarbackup agent (Icon) in your system tray (Taskbar) → To...

Why “Share” in the Context Menu is Disabled on my Computer?

May, 5 92
There are two reasons for this issue: The files you want to share are not backed up. You need to add the file to Polarbackup first in order to share it. These files are stored in Cold Storage. You need to back up these files using Instant Storage.

How can I back up hidden files/folders if I cannot see them in the Data Selection window?

May, 5 235
By default, Polarbackup will not show you the hidden files/folders in the Data Selection window (Under the My Computer tab). To make Polarbackup show those hidden files/folders, here is what you need to do:   Open the Polarbackup desktop software. Click the Settings button. Select...