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How can I Move Polarbackup to a New Machine?

May, 5 757 11
Polarbackup stores the backup settings and the machine information in your (%appdata%\Polarbackup\Polarbackup). When you move to a new machine, this information will not be available there. So now, when you download and install Polarbackup on your machine, and sign in to your account, if you have...

Polarbackup is Uploading my Files Using my 3G Connection, how can I Stop that?

May, 5 82
Method 1: From the Polarbackup software Right-click Polarbackup agent (icon) in the system tray → Open Dashboard. Click on Settings. Select the Connection option from the left side menu. Select the type of the connection you prefer Polarbackup to use when uploading the data. There will...

I Want to Uninstall\Reinstall Polarbackup without Losing the Current Backup. How can I do that?

May, 5 172
Polarbackup stores the backup’s information and settings in the %appdata%\Polarbackup\ folder. If this folder was deleted, Polarbackup will ask you to start a new backup. To avoid deleting these settings when you uninstall Polarbackup, please make sure that the option Keep Polarbackup Settings (R...

Why do I Receive “No Pending Server Found. Please add a Server” when Configuring Polarbackup on a Server?

May, 5 89
This is due to the fact that you are installing Polarbackup desktop client on a Windows server platform, without adding a server under your Polarbackup online account first.

I am Receiving: “There is no Pending Server Assigned to this Account. To Add a Server, Please go to Servers” What should I do?

May, 5 48
To install a server, you must comply with the following: You must be an administrator. You must sign in with the same sign-in credentials used for your account. If you fail to meet both conditions, this error message will appear. If you wish to assign this server to a different user, firs...

I am Receiving: “You have Reached your Storage Limit, to Increase go to Manage Users”. What should I do?

May, 5 123
This appears due to the fact that the storage limit that you have specified for this user has reached its limit. To increase this limit: Sign into your Polarbackup online account. Refer to the Users tab. Beside the user that has exceeded the limit → Click on Actions → Select Set Storage L...

Why Polarbackup is Slowing down my Machine?

May, 5 118
This happens due to your Anti-Virus Program keeps scanning and locking each file that gets moved by Polarbackup, and this may cause a conflict. So check your Firewall or Antivirus software. Polarbackup is backup software, meaning that it needs to check your files for changes and modifications and...

Why are the “Smart Selection” and “My Computer” Tabs Dimmed in Polarbackup Client?

May, 5 156
This is due to the fact that you did not purchase Instant (Hot) Storage. To do that: Sign in to your Polarbackup account. Click on Upgrade. Determine the amount of Instant Storage that you wish to purchase. Click Checkout and your account will upgrade instantly.

Why not all of my Cold Storage Selections are being Backed up to Cold Storage?

May, 5 90
This is due to the fact that, besides selecting those files from the Cold Storage tab, you also have them selected from one of the other tabs; the Smart Selection and My Computer tabs. Polarbackup gives a higher priority to the Instant (Hot) Storage (applied for selection from the Smart Selection...

The .NET Framework Installed on the Machine is Corrupted

May, 5 91
This message means that your computer couldn’t communicate properly with our servers or due to a missing component from your system. To solve this, please follow the instructions below: Make sure that you have the required .NET Framework installed in your system. You can install the required...