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Ransomware Protection: How To Restore Files If Malware Encrypts Them

Apr, 4 207
By using Polarbackup, you will be backing up your valuable data to the Cloud.   Data on the Cloud does not get affected by any malware that could affect your files locally on your computer.   Since Polarbackup has a versioning feature, you can always recover (restore) the old (...

How to Add and Configure a Backup on a Windows Server?

Jun, 6 842 1
Backing up Windows server is only available for Polarbackup Business subscribers   1. Sign in to your Polarbackup online account.   2. Refer to the Users/Servers tab, and click the Add Server button.   3. Select which admin you would like to use the new server, a...

How Can I Add Users?

Jun, 6 274 1
Sign in to your PolarBackup online account. From the Dashboard tab, under the Quick Links section, click on the Users tab. From the Manage Users page, click the Add Users button. There are three ways to add users: Manual add Invite by email    ...

How to Set Multiple Schedules for my Backup?

May, 5 120
Polarbackup will run the backup depending on the backup frequency or backup schedule that you have set. If you have decided to run Polarbackup at a certain schedule, then Polarbackup will use Windows Task Scheduler to achieve that. So, if you want to set Polarbackup to run at different schedules ...

How Can I generate Image Preview for RAW Image?

May, 5 115
Open the Polarbackup desktop software. Click on Settings and then select Advanced Settings. Enable the option Generate image preview for RAW (additional processing). Save the changes.