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How To Restore Data From The Hybrid+ Backup

May, 5 61
Make sure the Hybrid+ drive is connected to your machine. Open your Polarbackup desktop software. From the Dashboard window of Polarbackup, click Restore. This will open the Polarbackup Restore window. Using the Computer Name drop-down menu, select the name of the computer that you wa...

How Do I enable Polarbackup’s Hybrid+ Option?

May, 5 733
Method 1: While Creating the Backup In the Backup Settings window, click on Setup Hybrid+. Select the Enable Hybrid+ option. Browse for the location you would like to keep your hybrid backup in. It is recommended to save the backup on External drive or Network location. Select the Lim...

What Does the Hybrid+ Option of Polarbackup Do?

May, 5 950
Definition By default, Polarbackup backs up your selected data to the Cloud.   For those who prefer to double their backup protection by creating a local copy of every backed up file to a local server, external or network drive of their choice, Polarbackup introduces the Hybrid+ option; ...