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Deploying Polarbackup to Domain Users via Active Directory

Jul, 7 295
This option is only available for Business subscribers. To be able to use it, make sure that your server meets the following conditions. Windows Server Edition (2003 or higher), with the minimum roles and features installed and configured. Let’s start! 1. Sign in to your Polarbackup online ...

Polarbackup Deployment Guidelines

Jul, 7 182
Policies  In the Group Policy Object Editor, the administrator sees hundreds of policies that can be changed. For example, a policy may allow a user to (or not to) access the command prompt. Since group policies effectively edit the registry for computers and users, anything that is stored...

Detailed Explanation of the ADM File in Active Directory Deployment

Jul, 7 261
Deployment Token A unique identifier, available under the Deployment page of your Polarbackup account. Upon opening that page for the first time, a newly generated token will be created and ready for use. You can generate as many new deployment tokens as you want. However, be sure to reflect the ...